Sep 20

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NTSB Recommends Banning Cell Phones By Commercial Drivers

On March 26, 2010 a truck-tractor semitrailer combination unit veered from the left lane, crossed a 60-foot-wide median, struck and overrode a cable barrier system, entered oncoming traffic and struck a passenger van carrying 11 passengers. The truck driver and 10 of the 12 occupants of the van were killed in the Munfordville, Kentucky crash. The National Transportation Safety Board cited use of the mobile phone as the probable cause of the crash. The NTSB now recommends banning use of mobile phones by commercial drivers except in emergencies.

Thank you NTSB for issuing this recommendation!

Organizations with commercial drivers should take a minute today and read 6 Keys to an Effective Cell Phone Policy. It’s a great article that explains why businesses should have cell phone policies in place. Cell phone policies are another way for businesses to protect their most valuable asset – their staff!

Whether businesses are looking to implement a policy or strengthen an existing policy, the National Safety Council offers a free cell phone policy kit. In it, businesses will find everything they need for a best practice policy.

FocusDriven applauds NTSB for its recommendation and hopes the all businesses understand the value of protecting employees with corporate policies.

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